Stop Hot Flashes

If you're suffering from hot flashes, you know how disruptive they are to your everyday life.  You're not sleeping well, which makes you more tired and irritable during the day.  Your brain can't function well either, and it's embarrassing to be turning bright red in the middle of an important meeting.

In this course, I'll walk you through all of the factors that may be causing and contributing to your hot flashes and what you can do about each.  We'll tackle your sleep, stress, diet, exercise, and your immune system.

I've made each lesson short and sweet at 10-15 minutes each, because I know you're busy.  You'll need to go through all of the modules and implement the strategies to see the results.  Implementation may take another 5-10 minutes per day.  Can you devote 20-30 minutes, 4 days per week over the next 4 weeks to reducing your hot flashes?  Let's get started!

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