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Fatigue: Lose the Snooze Button

how a naturopath would treat fatigue

An overwhelming majority of my patients report NOT feeling refreshed in the morning when they have to get up. I’m always a little pleasantly surprised when I ask and a patient says yes, they feel refreshed.  Fatigue or feeling tired all the time is not normal and may be a sign that there’s something wrong, so it should never be ignored.

If you are not waking up feeling refreshed, there are a number of possible explanations:

  1. Not enough sleep

    Studies show that optimal is 7-7.5 hours of restful sleep.  If you are waking frequently in the night or up to go to the washroom, try having a bite or two of protein-rich food before you go to sleep to help stabilize blood sugar overnight. While you may be getting enough hours of sleep, it may not be of sufficient quality to prevent fatigue throughout the next day.

  2. Low iron

    Ferritin is a blood test that we do to check for stored iron.  Iron deficiencies can lead to fatigue and exhaustion.  Optimal ferritin level is above 60 mcg/L, some labs consider anything above 11 mcg/L to be normal so your doctor may have told you your iron (ferritin) was normal when it was a fair bit below optimal. Ferritin below 40 mcg/L can definitely lead to problems with low energy (and hair loss).

  3. Low thyroid

    Your thyroid regulates energy, body temperature and metabolism, sluggish thyroid function can have a huge impact on energy. Blood work for thyroid is usually limited to testing TSH, a hormone that should stimulate the thyroid to work harder if it is underactive.  So, a lower TSH means that the thyroid is working well.  The normal range for TSH is 0.35-5.00 mU/L, which is like saying 35 to 500 is normal.  The range is far too broad and once TSH gets above 3.00 there can be indications of an underactive thyroid.  Some endocrinologists and fertility specialists will medicate the thyroid if the level is above 2.50.  As with ferritin, you may have been told that your thyroid is “normal”.  I will treat a patient’s thyroid if the TSH exceeds 3.00 to try to restore normal thyroid function before it becomes any worse.  Also with the thyroid, I have had a number of patients who had less than optimal thyroid function that was caused by Hashimoto’s disease.  Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune thyroid problem, that most doctors don’t test for.  TSH levels can be normal even when blood tests for Hashimoto’s are abnormal.

  4. Underactive adrenal glands

    If all else above has been ruled out, the chronic snooze button use is likely due to underactive adrenal glands.  These are your stress glands, they sit on top of your kidneys and regulate a wide range of functions including blood pressure, blood sugar, nervous system, libido, energy, drive, motivation, stress response, inflammation, hormone balance etc.  Signs of low adrenal function include: NOT feeling refreshed after at least 7 hours of sleep, hypoglycemia, PMS, anxiety, fatigue, depression, feeling dizzy or light-headed on standing up quickly, low libido, inflammatory conditions like allergies, asthma, eczema, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease etc.

  5. Allergies

    Allergies can often leave people feeling exhausted a good deal of the time as their immune system is working double time, all the time.

  6. Depression

    Excessive stress, under-functioning thyroid or adrenals, vitamin or mineral deficiencies can all lead to signs of depression like difficulty getting out of bed or feeling motivated to do anything and a lack of joie de vivre.

Naturopathic medicine offers abundant safe, natural treatment options for all of the above conditions.

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by Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), ND

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here may not apply precisely to your individual situation. Diagnostic and therapeutic choices must always be tailored to the individual patient’s circumstances, and consultation with a licensed naturopathic physician should be undertaken before following any of the treatment strategies suggested in this website.

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