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Can Naturopathic Medicine Help?

Can Naturopathic Medicine Help My Conditions?

Wondering what conditions I can help with? With over 19 years of experience, I have encountered almost everything.  Often the most challenging cases are the ones that end up in my clinic. This is because all of the other medical options didn’t work, or conventional medical treatment has nothing to offer or the treatment is unsatisfactory.

There are no limitations to the health problems that naturopathic medicine can help you with.  You can see a naturopath either as a stand-alone treatment or together with your conventional medical care.

For more details on the naturopathic treatment approach that I use, and research supporting naturopathic medicine, click on the condition links below.  Other conditions not listed can be treated as well.  

Conditions Commonly Helped, Along with Many Others

Abnormal PAPs

An abnormal PAP may show ASCUS, cervical dysplasia, LSIL, HSIL, CIN I, II or III. Naturopathic treatment helps you to fight the HPV virus, boost your immune system and heal your cervix.


Face, back or chest acne in teens or adults improves with a naturopath’s treatment.  Balancing hormones through the proper use of diet, herbs, vitamins and minerals can help clear your skin.


Adenomyosis is a sister condition to endometriosis.  In this case, uterine lining tissue is in the muscular walls of the uterus.  Treating the root cause of adenomyosis or endometriosis means correcting estrogen dominance.

Adrenal Fatigue

Low energy due to adrenal gland insufficiency. This is also known as HPA axis dysfunction.  Stress depletes vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients for optimal adrenal gland function.  Replenishing specific nutrients helps to restore healthy function.


Whether it is constant worry or high stress, including panic attacks, natural medicine treatment helps. There are many possible causes of anxiety, such as neurotransmitter imbalance, hormone imbalance, poor adrenal function, and an overactive thyroid.  I can get at the root of each of these.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

BV is an overgrowth of the Gardnerella vaginalis bacteria.  Natural remedies can kill off Gardnerella, and restore healthy probiotic bacteria to protect the vagina from recurrence.

Cervical Dysplasia

Dysplasia means abnormal cells found on PAP smear.  As a naturopathic doctor, I help kill the HPV virus, boost your immune function and promote a healthy cervix.


Cervicitis means inflammation of the cervix.  Inflammation can be due to food sensitivities, infection, allergic reaction to condoms etc.  Finding the source of the irritation is the key to reducing cervicitis.


Dysmenorrhea means painful periods.  Although painful periods are common, it is not a normal occurrence and often indicates a hormone imbalance. As a naturopath, I address that imbalance.


Endometriosis means painful periods due to uterine cells in the abdominal cavity.  These cells respond to estrogen fluctuations and cause pain at any point in the menstrual cycle.  Like adenomyosis, rebalancing hormones helps ease endometriosis pain and improve fertility.


Tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion and low energy may be due to lack of sleep, iron deficiency, low thyroid function, low adrenal gland function and food sensitivities.  Finding the root cause of fatigue is half the battle, then as a naturopathic doctor, I help you tackle it.


Whether you are trying to enhance your overall fertility or treat problems with infertility due to endometriosis, PCOS, age-related or unexplained, I can help.  I have had many women conceive entirely naturally after being told that they couldn’t.  Treating the root cause of fertility problems works.


Fibroids are uterine growths that can cause heavy bleeding, infertility and iron deficiency.  Depending on the size (under 4 cm is best), natural medicine successfully treats fibroids.  Larger fibroids may need surgery, but in that case, you should still see me to prevent regrowth.

Friable Cervix

A friable cervix is an easily irritated cervix that can bleed.  Removing the source of the irritation like infection, food sensitivities, and hormone imbalances helps.  Also, vitamins and herbs help your cervix to heal.

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be due to low thyroid, low iron, PCOS, androgenic alopecia, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata or alopecia totalis.  In any case, natural medicine has many options to stop hair loss and in many cases can restore your hair.

Heavy Periods

Heavy periods are caused by hormone imbalance, fibroids, polyps, endometrial hyperplasia, and perimenopause.  Treating the hormone imbalance gets at the root of all of these concerns.


An underactive thyroid leads to a sluggish metabolism, weight gain, hair loss, feeling lethargic and cold.  Even with medication, the symptoms don’t always improve until you reduce the thyroid antibodies.  I also improve how well your body uses your thyroid hormone.


Infertility improves through my treatment, regardless of the cause.  Possible causes include PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, unexplained infertility, age-related, and hormone imbalance.  I’ve helped hundreds of women conceive naturally.  Even ones who were told that their chances were less than 1%!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

This includes bowel symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, nausea, vomiting, and heartburn.  IBS is a catch-all diagnosis.  It doesn’t explain why you are having these symptoms.  Without knowing why you can’t address the cause and fix the problem.  I have many tools to unearth the cause and treat the root of IBS.

IVF and IUI Support

Acupuncture, nutrition and herbal support improve the success of IVF and IUI.  IVF is a big investment, naturopathic treatment can help increase your chances of success.


Hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and poor sleep are all symptoms of menopause.  These symptoms can affect your quality of life.  I have non-hormonal options to relieve menopause symptoms and fight ageing naturally.

Painful Periods 

Dysmenorrhea or period pain can be corrected by balancing hormones.  

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Acne, hair loss, irregular periods, infertility, excessive facial or body hair, weight gain.  While the symptoms are similar, the cause of PCOS varies.  A full understanding of your specific hormonal imbalance helps me to direct naturopathic treatment.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS symptoms include anger, irritability, sadness, feeling emotional, mood swings, headaches, breast tenderness, and migraines.  I can stop the emotional field day that happens before your period.  We’ll work to balance your hormones and support healthy production of your “feel-good” neurotransmitters.


Spotting, also called breakthrough bleeding, is light, abnormal bleeding that occurs outside of a period.   The main cause of spotting is hormone imbalance.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common problem around menopause, but it can also occur with the use of low dose birth control pills. As a naturopath, I balance hormones, heal the vagina, and treat secondary infections that cause vaginal dryness.


Vaginitis is irritation and inflammation of your vagina.  It can be due to contact dermatitis, yeast, or bacterial overgrowth.  With naturopathic treatment, I’ll look at the source of your vaginal irritation, whether it’s hormonal, infectious or allergic.

Weight Loss

My weight management program helps people lose weight, or maintain normal body weight.  Healthy weight loss requires a lifestyle change to embrace a healthy diet and exercise.  In addition, you need all of your organ systems, like your thyroid, to be running optimally.

Yeast Infections

We can clear Candida overgrowth whether it is in your vagina, your digestive tract or more systemically.  Candida albicans is a particular strain of yeast that is often responsible for vaginal yeast infections.  A one-off infection isn’t unusual, but yeast infections shouldn’t keep coming back.  If they do, the weakness that allows yeast to thrive in your system needs to be fixed to say goodbye to yeast for good.

Authored by Dr Pamela Frank, BSc, ND

Don’t see your condition in this list?  You can always email to ask if I have had success in treating it.  Email: PFrankND@ForcesofNature.caBook an appointment here or call the clinic for more information at 416-481-0222.

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