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Online Naturopath

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Naturopath Online

If you have been wanting to see a naturopath, but there isn’t a good naturopath in your area, this is for you! A naturopath is for you if you want to treat the root cause of your health condition, take a natural approach, and want to understand and actively manage your own health.

The Benefits of Virtual Visits

You get the same great, thorough naturopathic care and:

  1. There is no commute. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of driving, pay for gas, find a parking spot, and pay for parking.
  2. You don’t need to take extra time off work to get here. You can do a visit right in your office, home, or home office.
  3. You can multitask: go for a walk outside while doing your consult, take the dog for a walk, or bake some bread.
  4. There is no need to arrange for childcare.
  5. If you forget which supplements you are taking, who makes them, or how much is in them you can go to the cupboard and check.
  6. I offer flexible appointment days and times.
  7. I can maintain continuity of care while everyone stays safe.
  8. It doesn’t matter where you live in Ontario, you can still see one of the best naturopaths in Toronto – me!

How Does an Online Naturopath Work?

It’s easy!

  • Schedule an appointment by calling 416-481-0222 or book online here. If you are a new patient, schedule an Initial Visit. Otherwise, if it’s your Second Visit, book that, or if it’s a subsequent visit, book a 30-minute follow-up appointment. It’s helpful if you schedule in the comments whether you want your visit to be by Secure Video Call, over the phone or in-person.
  • For a virtual appointment, we’ll take the same thorough deep-dive into your medical history, current symptoms, and health goals as we would in the office. We can do the appointment over the phone. In which case, I’ll call you at our appointment time. If you prefer to do a secure video call, I’ll provide you with a link to our video conferencing software called You just go to the link at the appropriate time and I’ll connect with you there – easy peasy!
  • At the end of your first appointment, we’ll discuss what you should take or do, how you should eat, and any conventional or functional medicine testing that you should do. You’ll also get a written, detailed treatment plan that provides the specifics of what to take, how much, which brand, how to get it, what it’s for, how long to take it, and a customized food list tailored to you. Your next steps will all be laid out for you clearly and simply.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Visits

With an online naturopathic visit will I be missing out on something that I would get in-person?

Not at all. The only things that I obviously can’t do in a virtual appointment are acupuncture, checking vital signs like your blood pressure, and inspecting a rash or skin problem in person.

Do I have to live in a certain area to do online naturopath appointments?

At the time of the visit, you and I both need to be in the province of Ontario. I am only licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in Ontario, so I cannot treat you if you are outside of Ontario. But, whether you are in Timmins, Moosonee, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Windsor, or anywhere else in Ontario, I can do a virtual appointment with you.

By Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), Naturopath

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