What Causes PCOS?

    PCOS is caused by High Androgens – Except When it’s Not By Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), ND PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a collection of symptoms that affects 8-10% of women of reproductive age.  A syndrome is a collection of symptoms, some or all of which may be present.  It can present at different times of a woman’s life, meaning things may have all been normal at some point, but later periods may become irregular and hormone imbalance symptoms may appear. What Causes PCOS? There is a common erroneous assumption that if a woman presents with symptoms related to PCOS (acne, oily skin/hair, irregular periods, excessive facial or body…

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    PCOS Infertility

    PCOS Infertility: Alternatives to IVF PCOS has not been proven to necessarily cause infertility, yet many women once diagnosed with PCOS despair that they will never have children. This grief and despair is unwarranted and unnecessarily stressful for these women. Despite what they are lead to believe, not only can women with PCOS conceive and have healthy children, they can do so, in many cases, naturally (without the use of drugs and IVF). How does PCOS cause infertility? By definition, PCOS entails a lack of ovulation, at least on some cycles. Egg follicles begin to develop but don’t mature properly to get released and become cysts on the ovaries. If…

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