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    Tired: Hitting the Snooze Button?

    Suffering from Morning Sluggishness or Feeling Tired? Assuming you have had at least 7 hours of good quality sleep, you shouldn’t wake up feeling tired each morning.  If you aren’t waking refreshed, consider the following: Hypothyroid – an underactive thyroid can present as difficulty getting up in the morning Low iron – ferritin, or stored iron, should be above 40 to be adequate. Adrenal fatigue – the adrenal (or stress) glands work overtime when you’re under stress. Chronic stress or intense stress can deplete the levels of the vitamins and minerals that the adrenal glands need, meaning they won’t function well.  Part of their role (as well as regulating blood sugar, blood…

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    What Causes Night Sweats?

    Night Sweats Common Causes of Night Sweats Hormones: A common phenomenon around menopause and PMS, night sweats can signify hormone changes, imbalances or deficiencies.   Not limited to women, men can have night sweats too.  Testing can help to clarify if hormones are the source of the problem.  If so, then there are natural ways to support optimal hormone production even through and beyond menopause or andropause.  At any age, supporting the glands that maintain hormone balance in men and women (liver, adrenals, ovaries/testes, and thyroid) with diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients can help balance hormones through menopause/andropause and beyond. Bacterial or Viral Infections: A CBC or complete…

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