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Why Not See a Naturopath?

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Why Not See a Naturopath?

Why Not See a Naturopath?

People have a number of reasons why they don’t see a naturopath for their health problems.  The reasons you should, far outweigh the reasons you shouldn’t.  In fact, I can’t really think of any reasons you shouldn’t!

Reason #1: It’s too expensive

As professionals go, naturopathic doctors are actually quite reasonable, lawyers and dentists charge more like $350 and up per hour.  Most people who have employee benefits actually have insurance coverage for naturopath fees.  So a visit really costs very little.  I tend to recommend only a few well-chosen supplements for my patients, so supplements end up costing about $2-3 per day (that’s less than your latté!).

Reason #2: I don’t want to change my diet

Whether you change your diet or not is up to you.  I always provide patients with a customized list of which foods would be best for them to eat and which ones would be worst.  Whether they implement that is up to them.  It would help expedite your treatment to make diet changes and help get you off pills, but it’s never mandatory.

Reason #3: My doctor said it’s not scientific

Naturopathic medicine is as scientific as conventional medicine.  If you would like to see daily updates on the science that supports naturopathic medicine, go here to like my Facebook page. Every day we post studies that support natural medicines.  Any doctor that says this is outdated, close-minded, and needs to read his/her own medical journals more often.

Reason #4: It’s too weird or flaky

There is a wide range of naturopathic treatments, and some of them I will admit are “out there”.  These are not the type of practices that I use.  I come from a strong science background and lean toward treatments that have a basis in human physiology, biochemistry, and have some supportive research.

Reason #5: I get free advice from the health food store clerk or my neighbor’s best friend’s cousin’s niece who sells XYZ multilevel/network marketing product

Free advice is worth what you paid for it.  Neither of the above individuals is a reliable source of information.  Here’s why: a) they benefit financially from selling you certain products (the information isn’t without bias and conflict of interest), b) they don’t follow up with the person 3-8 weeks later to find out if their recommendation worked, c) their source of information is sketchy (likely from a salesperson who also has a conflict of interest) and d) much of what is sold in health food stores are poor quality products that don’t work. If you added up all the money you’ve spent on cheap, over-the-counter supplements that didn’t work, you would likely come out ahead by investing in yourself by seeing a naturopathic doctor and getting professional advice.

Reason #6: My health problem is too serious for naturopathic medicine

Did you know that naturopathic doctors regularly deal with the most challenging and complex health issues?  Why? Because at least 60% of our patients have already gone through the entire medical system, including specialists and didn’t get help for their problem.  So they come to see us as a last resort.  I can’t tell you how many times patients have thanked me for solving something they’ve suffered with for years! How many times they’ve said they wished they had come to see me years ago. And asked why their medical doctor didn’t recommend they come to see me!  Still think your doctor is better qualified? Check out this comparison between the education of a naturopathic doctor at an accredited naturopathic medical school and Yale medical school:

Reason #7: I just rely on Dr Google

While you may be able to find information online about the best restaurant or running shoe, I wouldn’t rely on Google for health information.  The internet is teeming with misinformation and bad health advice, particularly when it comes to natural medicine.

Reason #8: I don’t believe in “that stuff”

“That stuff” is nourishing your body well so that it can reverse disease and perform optimally. It is helping your organ systems to function at their best.  It is reducing inflammatory processes that are damaging your body and correcting hormone imbalances.  We’re not talking about the Tooth Fairy here.

Reason #9: If there was a way to treat my problem, my doctor would know about it

No, sorry, as good as your doctor may be, he/she hasn’t studied naturopathic medicine intensively for 4 years and then practised it for 20 years as I have.  They can’t possibly stay on top of all of the advances in conventional medicine AND know how to treat every health problem naturopathically.  That’s my job.

By Dr Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), ND

Picture of Toronto Naturopath Doctor Dr. Pamela Frank, Best Naturopath in Toronto many times over
Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Pamela has practiced as a naturopathic doctor in Toronto since 1999. She has received numerous “Best Naturopath in Toronto” awards. She is registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

Dr. Pamela Frank uses a natural treatment approach that may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, vitamins, supplements, and other natural remedies to restore balance and provide long-term resolution to almost any health problem.

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